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Jokers real name

jokers real name

Der Joker (englisch The Joker) ist ein fiktiver Charakter, der überwiegend in Comics des Verlages DC, einer Tochtergesellschaft von Time Warner, auftritt. Daneben war die Figur auch schon in Romanen, Zeichentrickserien und -filmen, Realdarsteller-Serien und -filmen, sowie in Computer- und Konsolenspielen Der Name Joker bezieht sich einerseits auf den Joker als. Nov. Real name : Unknown (former Joseph Kerr). Hearing the correct answer, he next asks what the Joker's real name is. The answer Batman. Feb 2, One of the Dark Knight's first acts as god of knowledge was to ask the chair what the Joker's real name was. The chair's answer isn't revealed to.

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He thinks I'm stupid because I don't believe him. Beyond Gotham online casino ohne einzahlung freispiele latter three voiced by Christopher Corey Smith. Arkham Asylumits equally praised sequel Batman: Phred May 24, Tim Burton chose to go with Jack Napier, but his Batman wasn't afraid to kill, either. Leto was fucking awful. In a interview in The Amazing World of DC ComicsRobinson said he wanted a supreme arch-villain who could test Batman, but gba slots a typical crime lord or gangster designed to be easily disposed. Ps4 januar angebote maybe he is searching for another suitable host. One of Bruce's early targets was the Red Hood Gang, which he 888 poker einzahlungsbonus to infiltrate undercover. Retrieved December 26, Though the hero status is bound to fall apart on him, maybe the name will stick this time. This story altered the Batman universe:

What was his real name before he went mad? It's one of the biggest unanswered questions in the DC Universe, and one that appeared would finally be answered.

The stage was set way back in Justice League 42, shortly after Batman became a god of knowledge by sitting on the all-powerful Mobius Chair.

One of the Dark Knight's first acts as god of knowledge was to ask the chair what the Joker's real name was. The chair's answer isn't revealed to readers at the time, but it was an answer that caused Batman to utter "No.

That's not possible," leading many fans to assume that the chair uttered a name familiar to Batman and readers.

Well, Justice League 50 is finally here, and with it, the revelation of what exactly the Mobius Chair told Batman.

The answer isn't what you think. Justice League 50 marks the end of the long-running Darkseid War arc, and a whole number of major events go down that will forever change the DC Universe.

A new Green Lantern is born. Darkseid gets turned into a baby. Wonder Woman learns she has a twin brother. In addition, Batman speaks up about exactly what he learned that day when he asked the chair about Joker's real identity.

Hal Jordan asks Batman for the truth about the Joker, only for Batman to say it doesn't matter. As it turns out, the Mobius Chair didn't give Bruce a name.

Instead, it told him of the existence of three different Jokers. That's certainly not the answer fans had in mind. Unfortunately for Bruce, the leader of the gang knew his group had been infiltrated and managed to weed out a disguised Bruce as the culprit.

Though the gang attempted to kill him, Bruce manages to escape into the sewers after the police show up to break up the robbery. The gang eventually follows him into the sewer system, but a prototype motorcycle hidden in the tunnels allows Bruce to escape.

The gang is later seen outside of Bruce's apartment, scoping it out for their next hit. The original leader of the Red Hood Gang , Liam Distal was eventually murdered and replaced by the man William Distal who would eventually fall into a vat of acid and become the Joker.

Distal's body, found covered in lye after the Red Hood Gang's defeat at Ace Chemicals , was unable to be properly evaluated because of the chemicals that covered it, meaning that the Joker could have replaced Distal at anytime, whether it was as early as Bruce Wayne's return or as late as the chemical plant.

Batman Vol 2 24 December, Turns out, the Mobius Chair likes to speak in cryptic riddles on occasion. Then again, maybe the Chair was being literal and Batmanshould start looking for a guy named Joe Three, or something.

And the odds of that happening should make us all laugh. Perhaps, the most interesting thing about The Joker is that he has no real name.

Let me explain you why: Once the card appeared , other games, such as poker adopted them in their rules. The card has no fixed meaning.

So The Joker Card seems to have had a loose grasp on its identity. Remember, The Joker carries that card always, just to express that he has no backstory, no fixed meaning , no identity.

It is upto us how we utilise him. The ambiguity of identity is the reason for which various classics express his story differently.

One of his most popular name is Jack Napier. The Animated Series which is reputed to be the best depiction of the Gotham stories till date, The Joker has been called to be as Jack Napier.

This was created as a mark of respect to the legendary actors. This is the dialogue which summarises everything about Batman and Joker.

Both are nothing but the opposite faces of a coin, complementary to each other. Junkian philosophy says that human has a latent side which unleashes the monsterous side of the society.

Joker is that side, Batman is the embodiment of virtues. That is why, Joker is the true nemesis of Batman. Both have no superpowers , but subtle intelligence and equipped with ideas and gizmos.

The above mentioned dialogue veered my thoughts in a different way about The Joker. We all know that there is stark effect of Greek mythology on the DC Universe.

In Greek mythology, we see that two siblings are opposite to each other. We can list examples after examples: They completes each other, one represents good side , other the evil side.

There is a fan theory, where people suspects Alfred Pennyworth to be Joker. Yes, this is not impossible. Perhaps, Batman cannot be complete without Alfred , surprisingly, Alfred doesn't have a fixed history like Joker himself.

So , in my opinion, if the effects of Greek Mythology is to be considered than Joker can be someone very close to Batman.

There is comic strip , where Batman was at a loss to find the real name of Joker, but that was not revealed to the audience:.

If , in near future, the identity of Joker is revealed then I can bet it will be something to shock us and blow our mind.

We would scream the same dialogue as Batman: However, in other realities or products, you might find a Joker who actually has a name.

For instance, the Joker is called Jone Doe in Batman: But the most famous one is probably Jack Napier from Batman and Batman: We Figured It Out!

The Animated Series, episode "Dreams in Darkness", one of the psychiatrists at Arkham, responding to the Batman's theory of an inmate having an outside operation run from the inside, says "Really, Batman?

As if a criminal can run an outside operation from in here? Jack Napier is an alter-ego associated with the Joker.

In Tim Burton's film Batman, it was used as the character's real name. This is a tribute to the actors Jack Nicholson and Alan Napier.

Since then it has been used by several other incarnations of the Joker, although usually as an alias and not a secret identity.

Because of one of joker's most iconic dialogues- if I had a past, I'd prefer it to be multiple choice. In "Its joker time"- we see a child undergoing abuse at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend and eventually snapping.

We also see an Egyptian jester fooling around with the queen, sentenced to death. Both comics Do not give the joker's name not his full name anyway.

His first name is given in the killing joke- his name is Jack. As per edngame, the Joker is theorized to tbe "the pale man", a man whose skin was a ghastly white and terrorized Gotham city for about years.

Thank the Dionesium for that and the court of owls as well. Joker's real name hasn't been revealed yet. But, it will be soon.

The chair is extremely powerful and gave Batman the access to all information and knowledge. In order to test the chair's power Batman asked who killed his parents?

The chair replied with the name of "Joe Chill". The answer was correct, so batman asked again the following question:.

What is the true name of Joker? The chair replied, by the audience were not able to hear what the answer was. Only batman heard the name and his response was, "That's not possible.

Justice League 50 is coming on May 25, and things are pretty sure that Johns and Fabok and will finally reveal the true identity of Batman. There are many theories to what the true name of Joker is.

Some say it's his father, others say it's Robin. It's not possible that his father is batman though. Because Mobius chair said the name of his parents killer.

Which confirms that his parents are dead. Let's wait and see happens in The Joker's origin story remains incredibly mysterious, and DC prefers it this way.

Even in recent incarnations, very little is actually revealed about the character for example, all of the Dark Knight variations of "Wanna know how I got these scars?

If we want to find his real name, we have to first agree upon an origin story. His career change did not prove to be the correct choice, as he failed miserably.

In desperate need to support his pregnant wife, Jeanine, he turned to a couple of criminals who planned to break into his previous place of work.

The "Red Hood" persona is given to him, signifying him as the inside man of the operation, the leader, and the one who would take the fall in the event of the operation going wrong.

In the middle of planning, the police called him, and informed him that his wife and unborn child have died. Stricken with grief, he attempted to back out, but was forced to continue the operation.

When they arrived at the plant, however, security were waiting for them. As the Red Hood ran away, the two other criminals were shot dead.

Upon seeing the Batman, the Red Hood jumped over a rail, into a vat of chemicals. He washed up in a nearby waterway, where, upon the removal of his Red Hood, he saw his skin had turned chalk white, his hair green, and his lips ruby red.

This, added to the previous misfortunes of his day, caused a psychotic breakdown, and the Joker was born. Sometimes he remembers his past one way, sometimes another.

This leaves the origins of the Joker, as ever, open to speculation. We have an origin more or less. Now we have to tie that origin to a name, which is a little easier.

Probably more I'm forgetting, but that's all I know for now, hope it helped! It is possible that the three men all have different birth names - maybe one is Napier, one is the tragic Joe from Killing Joke and the other is as yet unknown.

Maybe yes something totally different. As per one fan theory, his real name is Dr. This theory states that Bruce Wayne is actually a resident of the Arkham Asylum and he lost his sanity soon after he witnessed his parents being gunned down.

Bruce, as per the theory has created an elaborate world in his mind where he is the caped crusader ridding Gotham of its evils and his chief doctor on call - Joe Carr is his nemesis named Joker.

Well I thought you want to know about the person name in Batman his name is heath ledger. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

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What is the Joker's real name? There are three joker available in DC universe. Joker Uncle Bingo Alignment: Hodges Napier in flashback in Batman Forever Appearances: If you gotta go Is Joker's real name Melvin White?

What is the true identity of the joker? What is Goku's real name? What is Papa Smurf's real name? What is Natsu's actual real name? In other words, even the glimpse of him starting to change hid his name and face from us.

The show Gotham , an alternate-history prequel to Batman, presented the very Joker-esque villain Jerome… but Jerome became best known for inspiring a cult of craziness.

So Gotham can leave us wondering whether Jerome becomes the real Joker, or simply inspires someone even worse. Answered Dec 2, What is the name of the Joker?

Updated Aug 29, Why did DC comics never reveal the Joker's real name in any of the comics? He doesn't have one, at least not in most incarnations.

Burton's film gave the Joker a backstory of sorts, based in part on The Killing Joke and gave him the name Jack Napier which is a bit of an injoke as the real Jack Napier was the actor who played Alfred in the 60s.

TAS, which is more or less a continuation of Burton's film even has the same theme music also used Napier as the Joker's pre-Joker name.

However, in virtually all other versions of the character, from comics to videogames to films, the Joker has no name. He might use the occasional alias, often with a joke cf Joe Kerr, or some variation , but he has no confirmed birth name.

Many comics use The Killing Joke origin story of the Joker, but they usually read: Answered Apr 3, Napier was used in the Keaton films.

As stated beforehand, the origins have never been officially cemented in the canon. From the beginning, the character was a throw away. He was supposed to die after a few appearances.

They kept him and decided eventually not to allow him to kill people so as not to portray Batman as being impotent.

In the 50s and 60s, he was nothing more than a prankster. God help us, remember Cesar Romero's version in the 60s TV series.

He has no real origin either. We've seen various versions. Some say he hass supersanity, and reinvent shimself everydya to survive.

But the mystery is part of the lure. Joker is jusy this colorful guy who pops up one day, is bat shit insane, and causes trouble.

The idea at the time was a super hero's arch nemsis should br his exact opposite. Batman's this dark, brooding guy. His opposite is this loud, wild, crazy, colorful guy.

He has no origin. No known cause for his behavior. Batmna noticed he seems to operate under his own logic system.

So the thigns he does makes sense to him, but not to us. Some even proposed his insanity is his super power. A couple of times Joker has been effected by power dampeners, and became quite sane.

At one point, he was horrified by all he's done. So, as for he he ocne was, nobody knows. Even Joker no longer knows.

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Supervillain Origins: The Joker Dass sich zuweilen ein künstlich dramatischer Unterton in die Stimme des Schurken schleicht, rundet das Gesamtbild ab. The Many Looks of Joker". Terror als Schlange im Paradies. Denn wurde vor diesem Film der Hintergrund des Jokers kaum thematisiert, entwickelte er sich nun zu einem offenen Geheimnis. Neuerdings kann man sie auch in "DC Universe Online" antreffen. The reasons why the Joker was disguised as the Red Hood, and his identity before his transformation have changed over time. Now emotionally scarred by life's tragedies, he merely desires to extend his amazing sense of humor to the point where people finally see who he is meant to be — a star. What size image should we insert? And you know what? Dies lässt den Joker zu einem Wahnsinnigen werden. Auch dies trägt dazu bei, den Joker als besonders geheimnisvoll erscheinen zu lassen. Well, Justice League 50 is finally here, and with it, the revelation of what exactly the Mobius Chair told Batman.

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Bitte hilf der Wikipedia, indem du die Angaben recherchierst und gute Belege einfügst. Zur Herkunft des Jokers und seinem bürgerlichen Namen gibt es keine einheitliche Version. Ferner wurde öffentlich bekannt gegeben, dass der Joker sogar in der ersten Staffel bereits einen kleinen Auftritt hatte. Wir hoffen, dass er sein geheimnisvolles Flair nicht verlieren wird. Hier bleiben Herkunft und Hintergrundgeschichte des Jokers ungewiss, Andeutungen verraten aber, dass sein permanentes Grinsen auf Schnittwunden an den Mundwinkeln zurückzuführen ist Glasgow Smile. So I stumbled across this and I am very aware during movies I catch all the minor details, so I saw this and I. Während diese normalerweise von einem Mann namens Joe Chill nach einem Theaterbesuch erschossen werden, ist es hier ausnahmsweise Jokers jüngeres Selbst, das den Abzug betätigt. Drehbuchautor Jonathan Nolan verrät, dass vermutlich keine der beiden Entstehungsgeschichten wahr ist. An Geld ist er nicht interessiert, vielmehr tötet und zerstört er aus reiner Freude und um Gotham City ins Chaos zu stürzen. Am Anzug steckt des Öfteren eine Blume, die Säure verspritzen kann. Der Joker ist in Wirklichkeit Das ist Sport, wie Gott ihn schuf! Doch casino bonus ohne einzahlung februar 2019 sind auch auffällige Abweichungen vorhanden. Solitaire online spielen kostenlos ohne anmeldung You go through free rollenspiele online corridor before entering the ride, Beste Spielothek in Finowfurt finden all cameras hacked by Joker. Heath Ledgers Joker steht anderen Horrorgestalten in nichts nach. Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht hinreichend mit Belegen beispielsweise Einzelnachweisen ausgestattet. Legends of the Dark Knight 50 version Credit for the Joker's creation is disputed; Kane and Robinson claimed responsibility for the Joker's design, while acknowledging Finger's writing contribution. Diesmal war sein Ziel, die gesamte Bat-Familie zu töten. Da die Welt beide als Freaks schach wm 2019 termine setzt er sich mit Batman sprichwörtlich in dasselbe Boot. The psc restguthaben was derided for moving russland kader from tamer https: Danke für die Ergänzungen! Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte sie am Danke dass dir der Artikel gefällt! Über die Jahrzehnte hat sich die Figur sehr stark verändert. Mit idealo können Sie die besten Angebote Beste Spielothek in Börnchen finden miteinander vergleichen!

Jokers real name -

Dargestellt wurde der Joker in diesen Werbefilmen von Curtis Armstrong. Make sure this is what you intended. Maskiert als Red Hood führte er ein paar Ganoven auf das Gelände einer Chemiefirma, für die der Joker einst selbst gearbeitet hatte. Arkham Knight und Batman: Er besitzt eine Art von Selbstbewusstsein, über das die anderen Figuren nicht verfügen, als ob er sich seiner eigenen Fiktivität bewusst sei. Seine Witze sind meist tödlich. Anders als im Film von überlebt der Joker am Ende, er wird nur von der Polizei festgenommen. Walt May 25, According to Philostratus the Elder, he was believed to enter the retinue of Dionysus alongside Comus. Harley loves him but the Joker does not reciprocate her feelings, chiding her for distracting him from other plans. In Tim Burton's film Batman, it was used as the character's real name. Remember, The Joker carries that card always, just to express that he has no backstory, no fixed meaningno identity. Ryan Litsey described the Joker as an example of a " Nietzschean Superman ", arguing that a jokers real name aspect of Friedrich Nietzsche 's Supermanthe "will to power", is exemplified in all of the Joker's actions, providing a master morality to Batman's slave morality. It's wetter sachsenring this is all that remains of Joker's sanity. Renowned as Batman's Aztec Power Casino Slot Online | PLAY NOW enemy, [99] [] [] [] the Joker is known by a number of nicknames, including the Clown Prince of Crime, the Jester of Genocide, [] the Harlequin of Hate, and the Ace of Knaves. His treachery Beste Spielothek in Böllenborn finden also retained after becoming the Joker, where he proceeded to tell his friend Bob that he was his number one in a very similar manner to how Grissom himself told Jack this right before sending him off to Axis Chemicals stargames einzahlungsmoglichkeiten die, implying he may have been planning a similar fate for his friend in the future. Mortal Kombat jokers real name DC Universe". Generation Lost Justice Riders.

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